Quiz time 72

Q1. Which search engine's codename was 'KUMO'?

Q2. JaxtrSMS is a free messaging service started by which IT personality ?

Q3. Raj Reddy was the first Indian to get it it and Judea Pearl is the last person to get it . What did they get ?

Q4. This company was found as Presidio Media in the year 2007 ? How do we better know it now ?

Q5. Whose slogan is : " The content free encyclopaedia which anyone can edit " ?

 Q6  . Who designed the WEBBY AWARDS in 1996 ?

.Q7.  Machibuse (Ambusher) , Kimagure (fickle) , Otoboke (stupid ), Oikake ( chaser) are      the    monsters of          which game ?

Q8. How do we better know the social networking site of Baidu Inc. ?

Q9. What is unique about the song Tom's Diner by Suzzane Vega ?

Q10.    Luvid Strigeus is the original author of which file sharing site ?


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