Quiz Time 69

1)X was previously known as Foodiebay.com. It was started by Deepinder Goyal,a graduate from IIT Delhi.
The website currently lists over 35,000 restaurants and menus.
Identify the website?

2)Identify her

3)X is an online database of information related to films,television programs and actors.It  was launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by Amazon.com.
Identify X?

4)Who coined the term Information Highway?

5)What is this award?

6)He is a person who inspired Steve Jobs,He was also a brilliant chemist, famous for hiswork in the world of Photography. Who is he?

7)Where would u find this?

8) X was founded in New Delhi in 1983 by Mr. Deepak Puri. It started as a Time Recorder unit in technical collaboration with Maruze Corporation. It manufactures Recordable Compact Disks (CD-Rs) and Recordable Digital Versatile Disks (DVD-Rs).Identify X 


10)What is the name of the mascot of Yahoo Mail?


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