Tech Fiction

1.What is the name of this device and in which film did it star?Name the modern day product that has been inspired by this.

2.What gained its inspiration from this comic strip?

3.It is a normal pen sized device with buttons at the back labelled hours , days and years.It isolates the electronic impulses of the brain ,precisely memory and dumps them.It is the signature device used by the members of a certain agency.What am I describing?

4.This image shows which modern day craze?Which film is this an instance from?

5.Name the device used in the Fifth Element to recreate Leelo.

6.Identify the device.

7.Quinjets,Jericho and Arsenal are products from which company?

8.This is the logo of which conglomerate?

9.Name the concept introduced through the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to the common audience.

10.What is common to these people?


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