Programming Languages

1.Rick Mascitti named it and Bjarne Strostroup developed it.What?

2.This is the logo of which language?

3.The Blue Book is an intro to which language?

4.Which great programmer's roll of achievements can be defined by these?

5.Name the first ISO standardized object oriented programming language.

6.Name this pioneer.

7.X owes its origins to ABC and Modula-3.It was named after the favorite show of its developer.It is considered to be a pillar of the opensource community.
Identify X.

8.It was quick but dirty earlier.It was believed to be written by Tim Patterson.It was used by two great computer pioneers as their first commercial project.What is being talked about here?

9.The Art of Computer Programming is an unfinished work by which scientist and professor?

10.Name this person and his claim to fame.


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