Quiz Time 40

1)Identify him and he coined which famous term?

2)The recently unveiled BSNL Tablet has been made by BSNL in collaboration with which other company?

3)Which famous company's tagline is "Be What's Next"?

4)Identify this machine and who invented it

5)How is a mobile phone blind-friendly?



Hint-Its  a company

  File:Legion of Doom Hacking for Jesus T-Shirt.png  

8)This google doodle was to commemorate what?

9)The famous hacker Phiber Optik aka Mark Abene was the founder of which famous hacking group?

10)It is a commercial computer chess program developed by Mark Uniacke. Its name is an acronym stands for higher intelligence auto response chess system..Why was it in news in 2011?
PS-You can download it on your computer.If u beat it then plz tell me.


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