Quiz Time 39

1)Identify him

2)Name the game engine used by Crytek to make first person shooter games?

File:Xerox 8010 compound document.jpgXerox Star 8010.jpg
Hint-The connect is a technology which revolutionized text editing :)Mention how u arrived at the connect

4)'X' was an early computer research project developed by DARPA in collaboration with University of Berkeley.It aimed to produced a time sharing system.It pioneered many computer hardware techniques like memory paging, and protected memory.Identify X?

5)Identify him and he is the CEO of which company?

6)Which was the most famous mainframe computer produced by DEC in 1960s?

7)Expand API?

8)Which famous tech personality first coined the term "Bug"?

9)Identify him?


Hint-The connect is an American Multi-National.Yes,its related to technology only.The first two are a direct hint while 3rd is too difficult to connect.
Just think laterally!!And do write how u arrived at the connect.


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