Quiz Time 38

1)What is this award and it is given in which field?

2)'X' is a kerela based programme to accelerate E-Governance at all levels of the government .It has won the above award too.Identify X?

3)Who coined the term webcasting?

4))Identify him and he is known for promoting which technology?

5)Identify this project by wikipedia?
6)Identify this logo
O2 logo.svg

7'X'  was launched within the Royal Norwegian Navy in 1848, but by 1852 the plans were public and the Parliament of Norway decided on a plan for constructing the telegraph throughout the country. 'X' started off started off in 1855 as a state-operated monopoly, named Telegrafverket. Identify X?

8)What is this device?
Both are same type of device

9)What is this better known as?

10)Expand ISO


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