Quiz Time 37

1)What is the name of the successor of Xoom Tablet by Motorola?

2)Identify him

3)Why was Terraria an action role playing game in news recently?
Hint-Not connected with something good and its related to India.

4)What is the audio-video format that is being developed by Google to provide video compression in HTML5?


6)Identify the logo
Hint-Its free browser for GNOME environment

7)Expand GSM?

TechCrunchLogo.svgZIPlogo.png  JooJoo 01.jpg(Its Joojoo tab, all the tabs nearly look the same:)

9)Identify the logo

10)This German multinational tech giant  was earlier known as "Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske" What is its new name?


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