Strange Laptops!!!

Over the years laptops have gone sleeker in looks, lost weight and gained in processing power, but these are some of the strange laptops.Strange because of their design,their look and their out of ordinary working.Check it out.

1)Wii Laptop
Wii laptop was created by Uber game console modder Ben Heckendorn. Measuring 8.5x7.7x2 inch, the custom-built Wii Laptop features a 7-inch wide screen, built-in sensor bar, stereo sound, ports for AV out, sensor bar and Gamecube controller.


Here's a laptop for guitar lovers. Himself a guitar lover, Ben Lewry modded the laptop to fit inside an electric guitar. Called LCDetar, the laptop inside is synchronised with the guitar to create a music visualisation programme which responds to tunes played on the guitar. The laptop's LCD display shows a kaleidoscope of patterns to match the tunes played

3 )   
Here's a laptop with vintage touch. Typewriter Laptop has been created by Mary Robinette Kowal. She modded her laptop to make the keyboard look like one from an old-fashioned typewriter. Painted with black nail polish, the keys are smooth, glossy and chip-resistant.

The company's new category of "semi-ruggedized" laptop had enough padding to survive six separate drops from a height of 30 inches onto two 3/4-inch sheets of plywood placed on top of concrete. 

Hummer-branded laptops came with a 1.86GHz Intel Pentium-M processor, a 12.1-inch color display, 512MB of memory, a DVD/CD-R/W combination drive, 8021.11a/g/b wireless connectivity and Microsoft XP Professional operating system.

Love all that bling bling? Then this laptop is sure to impress you. Made of Brazilian Rosewood and solid 18 carat gold, the Gold laptop has a keyboard laser-etched and gold plated. Not just this, the laptops touchpad and the mouse too are gold plated! Every part of the the laptop is customised including all the components.


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