Quiz Time 26

1)What is the name of the new cloud storage service unveiled by Huwaei for Smart phones.?

2)Identify him

3)A floppy disk is made of which material?

4)This site was established in 1997 by Info Edge (India) Ltd. Info Edge is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. It went public in November 2006.It publishes a monthly report called 'X' JobSpeak.Identify this company?

5)Identify this device and it was invented by whom?

6)Stephen Elop the current CEO of Nokia earlier worked for which technology giant?


8)It is a series of video games share a science fiction alternate history. Nearly all of the games are first-person shooters on the GoldSource or Source engines, and most are linearnarrativesingle-player titles.Valve Corporation is the developer, and partly the publisher and distributor.
Identify this game series?

9)Why is it famous?
Xerox Star 8010.jpg

10)What does VGA expand to in a VGA monitor?


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