Acer Announces the thinnest ultrabook: 15mm...

Acer has wasted no time kicking off CES 2012 with some laptop announcements, including a brand-new Ultrabook and an update Aspire Timeline series.
The company calls the Aspire S5 (pictured) the world’s thinnest Ultrabook at just 15mm at its thickest point, and the 13.3-inch notebook weighs just under 3 pounds. It will come with an yet-unnamed Intel Core processor, solid state drive, and HDMI, USB 3.0, and Thunderbolt ports. To my knowledge, this is the first Ultrabook to include a Thunderbolt Port, though by the end of the week, it probably won’t be the last. The S5 will be available sometime in the second quarter, though pricing was not revealed.
The new Aspire Timeline Ultra series are designed to provide more a traditional laptop experience in the Ultrabook form factor, complete with two-spindle design. As with previous Timelines, Acer promises 8 hours of battery life, and they will come with discrete graphics cards, DVD burners, and the “latest” Intel Core i series CPUs. Like the S5, they also include Acer Green Instant On technology that lets the computer wake up in 1.5 seconds from a battery-saving sleep mode.
We’re not provided with pricing for the new Timelines, either, but you may find out sooner than with the S5 since they are expected in Q1. And check back with us all week, as there will be plenty of more Ultrabook announcements still to come.


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