Quiz Time 16

1)Which cyber-giant's chairman recently paid tributes to Steve Jobs thus: “Steve Jobs gave the best performance by a CEO in 50 years, maybe 100 years. He not only built Apple once, but twice”.

2)Which giant's corporate HQ is at Plot No. 44 & 97A, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore?

3)Name the first commercial smartphone certified by NASA to fly on the space shuttle and to be cleared for use on the space station.

4)TexasholdEm Poker & Empires &Allies are the famous game from which company?

5)Identify him and why is he famous?

6)Identify him and he is the CEO of which company?

7)Expand Amazon S3?

8)Who is he and why is he famous?
9)What is this?
10)What does the name Eidos mean?
Eidos is a very famous game company that is famous for making Tomb raider series & Hitman.


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