Quiz Time 10

1)Identify this tech personality and also tell he is the CEO of which company?

2)This product was developed by Narayan Babu in Kochi.It is a personal assistant app for android.Identify this app and how is it significant?

3)What do you mean by Tiny URL Whacking?

4)Identify him.
5)Which was the first 3D gaming console.It was released by Nintendo in 1995 and discontinued after a year.Identify it.
6)Identify her and the company she works for.
7)This is a music video website.Its a joint venture between sony music,Universal Music and Abu Dhabi Media.Identify it.

8)Netware is a famous OS by which company?

9)i\Identify him

10)IPS technology was invented by Hitachi in 1996.It is used in touchscreen.Expand IPS.


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