Kobo will make the Windows 8 Metro e-reader app...

Windows 8 is already generating interest among company who want to offer apps for download specifically for the Metro style user interface for Microsoft's next operating system. This week Kobo, a maker of both hardware and software eReaders, announced its plans to offer a number of apps that will be made specifically for the Windows 8 Metro UI.
Kobo said the apps will be made available to download via the Windows Store feature of Windows 8. The company added that it believes "... that our upcoming Windows app will bring Windows 8 users a next-generation reading experience with access to one of the world’s largest bookstores of over 2.5 million eBooks – which includes more than 1 million free titles to download and read for free."
Kobo offers a number of hardware eReaders, much like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, including a recently launched Android-powered tablet device called Kobo Vox that sells for $199.99. It also offers free eReader apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems. Ironically, it currently does not have a free eReader app for Windows Phone. The company offers access to over 2 million downloadable books, magazines and newspapers.
Well lets hope for the best and wait for the app to release...


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