Kapil Sibal under attack: Twitter, Facebook users target him...

Kapil Sibals proposal to screen user content on sites like Facebook, Google and Microsoft has been heavily opposed in the past 24 hours.
Sibal's Wikipedia profile was edited 21 times by web users and activists on Tuesday . His profile was locked later in the evening due to a large amount of web activists trying to edit simultaneously, describing him in unkind words.
The MP from Chandni Chowk had to face barbs also from fellow politicians. J&K CM Omar Abdullah tweeted saying, "I hate the idea of censorship. But have seen for myself how dangerous inflammatory content on Facebook and You-Tube can be." Hashtag #Kapilsibal and #Censorship were the hot trending topic on Twitter globally. Noted filmmaker Pritish Nandy tweeted saying "This is my country. Freedom of speech is my birthright. You can go to hell sir." Stock broker Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was upset too. "If Sibal wants to jail us for speaking our mind on the Internet, go ahead! We'll just go ahead and get bail like Kanimozhi," tweeted Jhunjhunwala. "I hate some of the stuff written on the Internet, but I'd hate it even more if they were not allowed to write it. You can't censor the Internet. You shouldn't censor the Internet. 
The act to censor and screen content has rocked the whole Nation...


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