IBM Sequoia will be the fastest Supercomputer...

K Computer By Fujitsu
Sequoia is a petascale blue gene/Q supercomputer being constructed by IBM for the National Nuclear Security Administration as part of the Advance Simulation and Computing Program (ASC). It is scheduled to be delivered to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 2011 and fully deployed in 2012.
Sequoia by IBM
Sequoia was revealed in February 2009; the targeted performance of 20 petaflops was more than the combined performance of the top500supercomputers in the world and about 20 times faster than Roadrunner, the reigning champion of the time. It will be twice as fast as the current record-holding K Computer by Fujitsu and also twice as fast as the intended future performance of Pleiades.
It has theoretical speed of 500 Teraflops comprising of 1.6 million processor cores and 1.6 Peta Bytes of memory in 96 racks covering an area of about 3,000 square feet (280 m2).These processors will be built on 45nm fabrication process.


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