Google Is Buying One Company A Week!!!

Google's chairman Eric Schmidt took the stage at the Le Web conference to discuss about Android, and about Google's expansion.When he was asked about why the search engine had not acquired any French companies, Schmidt jokingly commented on stage that Google was now buying around one company day.

That’s clearly a lot of companies to purchase even for a company with deep pockets like Google. So our intrepid reporter Alexia Tsotsis ran backstage to confirm this, where Schmidt told her on the record that Google was actually acquiring around one company per week. “But why do you never announce them?” she asked him. “We don’t have to,” he said.
As revealed in October, this year Google has spent $1.4billion on 57 acquisitions this year. So yes, with 52 weeks in a year, that sounds about right. Of course, Google has been particularly aggressive with its acquisitions this year, especially in the mobile, social, and search areas. We’ll have to see if the search giant will continue its acquisitive strategy in 2012, or scale back.
All jokes aside, with $43 Billion in cash, clearly the company has enough to own a company a day.


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