Google gives custom Galaxy Nexus to employees...

An employee showing off the Galaxy Nexus with custom back cover. 
The Next Web is reporting that Google is giving out an early Christmas gift to employees in the form of a customized Galaxy Nexus phone.
The customizations come in the form of a special back cover that sports various Android icons engraved onto it. The Next Web confirms that employees in Google's London and Zurich offices have received the devices, it is not known if US based Google employees will be receiving one, but that is expected to be the case. One would assume that the European offices would be receiving the unlocked GSM version and the US offices could get the LTE enabled Verizon version, but that is just speculation.
In the past, Google has given the original Nexus One and Nexus S to their employees. In 2008, they gave a G1, the first Google Android phone, to each of their employees.


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