Facebook to introduce new subscribe button...

Joanna Shields, VP and Managing Director for Facebook Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), announced that the company is planning to roll out a “Subscribe” plugin for all websites. The plugin will allow a website’s visitors a one-click way to begin following all of the news from an individual reporter, public figure, politician, celebrity, or anyone else who wants to post public updates via their Facebook user profile.
Facebook had already introduce a subscribe service in the last f8 conference, but in that service it was compulsory that the one you subscribe must be your one of your Friends. This gives you a Twitter like feature that you could follow someone like a public figure, a celebrity, journalist, politician, etc. In fact the 'Subscriber' button will be the counterpart of the Twitter 'Follow' button.
Facebook’s subscribe button is coming “soon,” but Facebook isn’t confirming the launch date or time.


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