Sony Playstation Next Generation Portable...

The Sony Playstation Next Generation Portable, otherwise called the Playstation Vita is an Android based gaming console and has been priced $249 for the wi-fi only version and $299 for the wi-fi and 3G version.
The Playstation Vita houses a Tegra 3 'Kal-El' processor which is a quad-core cortex A9 processor and SGx543MP4+ graphics which promises to give better graphics than the Playstation 3!
The Playstation 3 has been blessed with mutiple input interfaces from Gyroscopes to Touch pads, analog sticks to a 5-inch OLED touch screen.
Unlike the old platform 'Playstation 3K4' the new Playstation NGP has replaced the use of the UMD(Universal Media Disc) and is using the NGP media cards. There is no change in the memory solutions,the console still uses Sony Memory Sticks and is capacized upto maximum 32 GB.
Sony has been trying to stroke life into its aging Playtation platform and Sony Playstation Vita is actually a good try.


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