Easter Eggs!!!

For those of u who don't know, easter eggs are hidden features in program that are quite amusing.The are harmless pranks.Here are some great ester eggs from Microsoft XP.More coming soon!!!

Pinball Mouse Control
This is a cool egg if youare rubbish at microsoft pinball or just want to make your friends know that you rule. This is how to do it:
When you are in pinball wait until the ball appears ahd then type in 'hidden test' without the quotes. if you have not mispelt this then you should be able to hold the mouse button and control the ball with the mouse.

Easier Way to Force Win in Solitaire

Select the 'Timed game' and 'Standard' scoring options, then play for over 30 seconds. Press Alt + Shift + 2 (above 'w', not keypad 2). This will end the game, add a bonus to your score, and play the celebration. After the celebration (which may be gracefully ended with a mouse click), you are asked "Deal Again?". If you select 'No', and press Alt + Shift + 2 at this point, your bonus will again be added to your score, and the celebration begins anew.

A notepad Easter egg
Load up notepad.
Type "bush hid the facts"
save the document, any name works.
Close it.
Open it again.
what you open isn't what you typed.


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