Android Rooting

We jailbreak an iDevice specifically an iPhone, in the same way an Android device is rooted.
In layman terms it means that you are cracking open the hood to access the parts of the operating system that were intentionally locked so that u do not mess them up.Rotting basically allows you to do what your Manufacturer does'nt want you to do. Technically it means giving yourself access to the lowest level of Android's Linux subsystem.
Rooting provides you with many superb facilities that were inaccesable but the darker side is that if anything goes wrong while rooting then there can be serious repercussions.
Although it is purely legal to root your android as it is an open source,but it can void your device's warranty. If you are rooting Android in wrong methods or if you are not aware of what you are working on then you can potentially destroy your Android.
Rooting is not for the ones who are perfectly happy and satisfied with their smartphone and do not want any changes in it,rather it is meant for that folk of people who are pure geeks and have experimental anxiety. Those people have many reasons to root an Android.

Why root Android?
The purpose of rooting is to get around those limitations and barriers that has been put by the Manufacturer.
With a rooted Android you can :-
1.make apps on your phone run faster. In technical terms overclock the processor to run faster.
2.replace the Android OS with a customized version like Cyanogen Mod.
3.remove the pre installed system apps to clear up phone memory.
4.turn your phone into a 3G/4G WiFi hotspot without paying any extra fee, and there are still many other    reasons for which you would like to root your Android.

- The rooting methods and procedures for different Android Smart phones is different and rooting your     Android in wrong methods can lead to its death.
- Rooting is a reversible process in most smart phones.Thus, before rooting you should keep a back up of your original Android firmware and important data and read or watch the tutorial properly.
- Always charge your android to its fill and then root it because if your Android dies during the new system is being installed then it becomes extremely difficult to restore your Android.
- Tampering the clock speeds of the CPU can lead to overheating and burning out of the circuit and this damage to your phone could be irreversible.
So donot be tempted to have a lightning fast machine, this could lead to destruction of your Android.


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